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Breathing out of Depression


That is the only hope for man -
To listen to the heart and to go along with it.
Than your life will become a blissful pilgrimage.


Experts estimate that unto 20 % of western people suffer from depression. I would even count much more having a latent depression and unconsciously or consciously questioning the meaning of their life. It seems to be a general crisis of western societies, which become more and more empty, superficial and run by ambition - or in other words by the mind.

When a society has reached everything it can reach than it becomes aware that it misses the main quality of life, love. There is no way to find it by the mind. Either society changes radically it’s direction and brings in the quality of the heart or it will end up in being stuck, depressed and destructive. There is no loving attitude left in the human being towards itself, the other or the beauty of nature.

Basically the depressed person is unable to express itself and escapes into all kind of drugs in order not to feel it’s inner emptiness. It is totally disconnect from itself and from vibrant life energy. This is reflected in a depressed psychology and repressed body expressions. Whatever hits the mind hits the body and vice versa.

The brain chemistry is changing to the bad and the transmitter substances, which rule our thoughts and feelings and body functions cannot do their job anymore. We suffer from everything beginning with sleeping problems to the feeling of no energy, feelings of failure and guilt and finally thinking about committing suicide.

The depressed person feels empty and hopeless inside, cannot enjoy life, cannot concentrate or decide anything. It puts himself down and suffers from himself. It paralyses itself. No impulse can reach to the surface anymore. Finally this affects the body and leads to all kinds of physical problems. The body gets sick because the body cannot express its emotions anymore. The body is totally blocked.

But where is all this hopelessness coming from? What is the reason that we cannot open our hearts? It goes back to our wrong upbringing as children. We have never been allowed to be ourselves. Always somebody told us how we should be and our parents constantly interfered in our life. From the very beginning we have very little trust in ourselves and into life.

Our sex education is basically a mess. It is better not to have one and to listen to the need of the child and the adolescent. If our sex life is frustrating than what can be said about our attitude towards life. We need our life energy to open our heart. We need to face our sex and survival fears, emotional repressions and power trips in order to open for love and meditation. We need to move from repressing our needs to expressing our needs and finally containing our energy in love and inner harmony.



The problem is that we have not been able to live the first 21 years of our life naturally. We have not developed sexually to reach to a point where we can transform this energy into meditation and that’s why we suffer from endless hang-ups and ultimately from depression. Our sex centre has moved to the brain. We need pornographic stimulation to be aroused.

Deep down we still suffer from a Christian moral education for which everything related to the body is dirty. And this is true for all other religions too. Often in my groups I hear people saying I have no problems with my body and then I ask them: do you really love your body, you breasts or your genitals or your bump or your legs or your arms or your face? And why you put all this cosmetics on your face if you love your face?

If we can love ourselves we live in harmony with our body. If we don’t love ourselves the first thing we reject is our body. Just for testing people I like to ask somebody if he or she likes his or her body and would be able to stand naked in front of the group. If the answer is no, I know that there is a problem around the body and loving oneself.


If we miss a satisfying sex life we become very frustrated and angry. Somehow sex and anger are both hot energies. But if we cannot live our sex energy most often we cannot express our anger too. Then it needs a conscious approach to express our rage by a dynamic form of meditation. All energies, which cannot be lived and get repressed, provoke anger.

Violence is the result of repressed sex. If you want a man to be a soldier you need to repress his sex. Then in war he is ready for anything: killing the enemy, raping the enemy’s women and all kind of perversions. This is exactly what has happened in the first and second world war. The sexual repression was so immense that men went fanatically to war. In the name of their fatherland or motherland they caused the death of tens of millions of innocent people.

The art is to own one’s anger and to find a method to release it without hurting anybody. This is the secret of Osho’s Dynamic Meditation. You project your anger into the air and you imagine somebody you are angry with. You express your madness consciously and in a social way.

You work on yourself without anybody else involved and getting hurt from your anger. Dynamic Meditation starts as a psychological method and then transforms all emotional energy into spiritual energy – the energy of love and meditation.


If we repress our anger and we are not aware of it, it becomes aggressive greed. This greed will never be satisfied. One can have all the richness of the world but it doesn’t make one feeling happy. For this person sex is at the best a release of energy and leaves it with frustration. Anger is repressed and transforms into aggressive competition. This competition knows no friends and needs to get the other out of the way to be successful.

If I have a billion dollars what is the point to go for making more money. It’s the thrill to be more successful and to be more powerful than the other. This violent approach to life knows no love and that’s why life becomes totally empty and superficial. Very sensitive people realize this and it is not a surprise that many famous sensitive artists and singers commit suicide. They do not know how to get out of their golden cage.

In our times aggressive greed is called “making profit”. The more profit you make the better. Under knees lingers a big emptiness but the profit-oriented person does not want to face itself. It is afraid to look inside itself and to face the deep wounds it carries inside from childhood. In this sense the richest people on this planet suffer the most without knowing it.

Depression is a phenomenon of a society, which looses a sense for the meaning of life. People get older and older but without being joyful. It’s the identity crisis of a society, which is stuck in the outside world and has difficulties to discover the inner world.

Some economists estimate that only 10 % of the money moving around is covered by existing goods. 90 % is fantasy money. It’s like the human mind – 10 % conscious and 90 % unconscious. Whenever the fantasy money becomes more than 90% it looks like the mind panics and we move into a financial crisis. The mind is afraid of loosing control and does everything to get back control.

The fear of death makes money the god of our times. But what the fear of death is all about? It’s the fear to move from the mind to the heart. In other words it is the fear to loose control and to discover the world of lovingness. It is the fear of love.

Greed is the addiction of the mind and love is the quality of the heart. A greedy person is afraid of love. It stays greedy to the bitter end without ever touching the most beautiful experience of life - love. Whatever outer richness it has accumulated it cannot take it into the grave. But having experienced the inner richness of love one dies very fulfilled and peaceful.


When greed cannot be satisfied anymore and life becomes empty and meaningless one is on the road towards the hell of depression. One is stuck emotional, one is stuck mentally and one is stuck in the body. One cannot express oneself anymore. It’s like feeling dead alive without hope for a change in life. The world becomes grey and meaningless.

It’s like sitting in a cage without exit. Instead of an explosion there comes an implosion. All ones frustration with the world implodes and one puts all ones anger against oneself. Ultimately there seems only one way to get out of it – suicide.


The most important and most ignored symptom of depression is that the breath has become very shallow. The body feels like suffocating and has no energy anymore. Breathing is life and if breathing is very low our will to live becomes very low. The body looses all its aliveness.

From not having a healthy sex life, which makes us happily breathing we have moved to repress our anger and other emotions by not breathing deeply. A deep breath would immediately release our emotions and allow us to relax again. This is followed by a state of greed, which is an unconscious longing for breathing deeply into life. And when the substitutes of greed don’t work anymore we are ready to finish our life all together.


For 5 minutes stand up, push and unlock your breathing through your mouth as if you are running. Move your whole body so that the breathing can be really strong, provokes your emotions and involve the whole body. Make a strong sound and keep on pushing your breathing.

Every expression depends on a strong breathing and the better and stronger the breath is the better will be the next stage.


Now come on your knees and take a cushion. Move it over your head and bring your pelvis up. When you bring the cushion over your head lean a bit back so that you get the power to hit it hard on the floor in front of you. With every hit make a strong sound.

Imagine all kind of situations where you have not expressed your anger or other emotions. Imagine all the people you are or you have been angry with and imagine you beat them with your cushion. Release your rage as much as possible. Or if you cannot feel rage than express any other emotion whole-heartedly. If you need, you can extend this stage as long as you like until you can deeply relax.


For 10 minutes now lye down and bring your hands to your heart. Imagine the same persons, which you have beaten or expressed other feelings before and feel how they have suffered too. Invite them into your heart and feel compassionate with them. (Let them become part of your being.) …taking out…

Let a loving feeling arise in you and relax into it. Love is the deepest relaxation there is!















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